Rebel Rockets reached 5000 views on July 16th. WordPress stats show that viewers are coming from all over the world. I wonder how they are doing at translating and understanding my instructions? The stats also show that a number of views were probably unintentional and were misguided here by search engines, as the search terms they used had nothing to do with water rockets.

3rd Anniversary

Rebel Rockets reached its 3rd Anniversary online. May 2012 also became the month with the most visits, then June slowed down to about the current average.

Even Busier Month

March 2012 became the busiest month for visits to this site, beating last month. The number of total visits passed 4000 late last month as well.

New Busiest Month

February 2012 became the month with the most views for this site. I hope all who visited found it productive and enjoyable.

2011 in review prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

click here to see the complete report.

It seems to take a while to load completely.

Other Interests

Since WordPress is so generous with the space that they provide, this will probably never reach the limit with just water rocket material. So I decided to cover some of my other interests here rather than start other separate blogs for them. They will be on sub-pages of the ABOUT / Other Interests page in the DIRECTORY.  They won’t interfere with or be mixed in with the rockets but will be there if anyone cares to look. First posted are samples of my woodworking projects from many years ago.

2nd Anniversary

Today marks two years since went online.