Views reached and passed the 2500 mark very late in June. By the month, June had the lowest number of views of any month so far in 2011,  following the busiest month ever – May 2011.


Updates in June 2011

Some new content has been added recently. Look in the convenient DIRECTORY on the upper right side of every page for what’s available. I’ve been trying to better organize the older content into sub-categories of the main subject pages, so in the future things should be easier to find and less jammed together on one page.

Instructions for my preferred method of making plastic parachutes has finally been added to the main CHUTES page.

Best Month for Site Views

May 2011 had the most views of any month since Rebel Rockets opened here. Several previous months were above average as well. Thanks for the views, and many thanks to those who have sent others here!

There still has not been any feedback, positive or negative, about the content. So I have no idea if people like it, hate it, find it useful or find it worthless. If anyone built and tried any of this stuff, nobody has said yet if it was a success or a complete failure for them. The only thing to come through the WordPress Comments feature has been loads of pointless SPAM that gets filtered out by the system anyway, so why do they even bother to send it?

Ratings stars are now enabled and are located below the text of each page, so you can express your like or dislike even easier than leaving a comment.

A form for heat shrinking small bottles

Just added a description of an automotive tool useful when heat shrinking small bottles. Look under the TOOLS section of the Directory or use the link.


The Specs on a Park Plastics Toy Rocket

I just added a page giving the specifications of a toy rocket popular in the 1960s, along with the photo of one that I still have.


2000 Views Reached

Views on this website reached and passed 2000 today. Thanks to all who have been here and I hope that you found something useful.